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years to asking to us take any further steps negotiate ing with her in good faith is a waste of my money and your time and your money. >> that puts us in the position to have no choice of pursue the negotiation of violation. if you are stuck. >> we are stuck. >> we are not saying we are deciding one way or the other right now. we would like to see if you can make one more effort to reach out. that's all. >> commissioner mccarthy. >> i kind of got side tracked. i thought we were moving in the right direction. i understand the tensions are high. so just quickly i understand you have done a lot of the work already, that's good. so resubmit that work as mr. lee pointed out as a good effort. wrdz to the appellant, we understand your concerns, we've listened to your concerns, we've asked them to recap the concerns even though they feel they have already dealt with them before and we ask you to do that within a time frame. i will agree that 3-6 months is far too long to ask for this. i would agree with a shorter period of time because a lot of the work is already done. with that i would just tr
turgeon.he is a projectedd first rounner... and possiile &pttpp10 pick. faith hill iis pinging "soo ong" to sunday niiht footbbll. after six seesoon seeenading fans ... the country sttr ssys openinggnumber. hiil tteeted thaa it's amazinn phat it's time tt let ssmeene else rock he open. in a later tweet, hilllsaid it assan emotional decision, but that she'll still watch next season. zii code to becooe a las vegas ziering" .... who played steev on the hit fox drama ... will summer.. ziering wwlll ssoe of theeskills he leaaned on ""ancing with thh stars." the actorrcalls the chance pppear in the shoo jjne 6-e'll - itts the road thatthassdriivrs &pheads.wee'l tell youu ow the center line went on crooked.... and how the city is reacting. 3pyou're watching fox 45 good dayybblttiooe. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 33&follow youu nose to theepark. starts this weekend. festival - emily gracey joins us for thiss &pmorriigs hometoon hotssott- - wat are ssmm of the featuueddactivities?- whht can pe eatt 3 pork in theepark bbq feetival runs april 19th through 21st salisbury learn mo
mean ing ingful steps to show it will on commitments it's already made -- meaningful steps to show commitments last already made. >> north korea dismissed it as a crafty trick. >> secretary kerry says the u.s. is working with china. >> their preference is for a stable region and north korea right now is threatening the stability of the region. >> china has issued a public appeal for north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. north korea continues to work on a way to put a nuclear bomb on a ballistic missile. some fear it may be close. >> i think it's a matter of time before they have that capability. >> u.s. intelligence officials say they expect north korea to perform another missile test sometime soon. in washington, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> secretary kerry tells cbs news that even if north korea does launch another missile test the u.s. will still be willing to negotiate with the north as long as the country follows through with its international obligations. >>> senators working on a bipartisan bill to over haul the nation's immigration system believes th
a statement later in the morning. >>> coming up here on "gma," celebrity s.w.a.t.'ing, the prank that involves calling 911 on a-list stars. four of them in this past week alone, so what is the lapd doing about this? >>> also ahead, a tv legend turns 50. we celebrate "general hospital's" 50th anniversary with a look at some of the big stars who got their start on the famous soap. >>> and james bond and his favorite bond girl, daniel craig and rachel weisz teeing up for a new mission. what is it? that's coming up in "pop news." keep it here on "gma" on this saturday morning. we're back in just a moment. ♪ together i have what science calls the nightly stuffy nose thing. i can't breathe, so i can't sleep. and the next day i pay for it. i tried decongestants... i tossed and turned... i even vaporized. and then i fought back with drug-free breathe right. these nasal strips instantly open my nose, like a breath of fresh air. i was breathing and sleeping better. [ female announcer ] exercise your right to breathe right. get two free strips at hey it's your right to breathe right.
s.w.a.t.ed, what is and why do people do it? we're going to explain and have harvey levin from tmz up next. this is "cnn newsroom" and i'm suzanne malveaux. >>> a bus heading to oklahoma hit an impact buffer. at least 36 people have been taken to area hospitals, three with critical injuries. want to bring in bud gillette of our dallas affiliate ktvt joining us live from the scene of the crash. first of all, how did this happen? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is a turnpike, the george h.w. bush turnpike. and it's a feeder road if you will to a straight line to oklahoma. it's believed that's where the bus was headed this morning. i can stand back here and zoom in. still a very active scene. you hear helicopters overhead. what we're told the bus headed in the direction you're looking at northbound hit what's called a rubber impact and that is essentially a rubberized barrier to keep people in the highway. well, it hit that rubber barrier, went across that lane of traffic, the next lane of traffic and then hit a concrete barrier that separates the lanes. and at that ti
began stock ---ing pipes. >> i saw supervisor chiu did add a supervision of 5 years. second was language that emphasize the enforcement of existing operate errors was a priority. and existing promisity of existing bars so new bars within a hundred feet of existing bars would be prohibited. any other bars within the district would require a conditional use authorization and as amended, no new bars or liquor stores would be permd -- permitted within the proposed district. the commission recommendation that restaurants with 49 liquor license would be recommended remain open provided these restaurants continue to serve food until closing so they don't turn into bars. >> lastly the conditions recommendation was to modify the banning period for 3 years or more and i saw that in the revised legislation to one year. the increase to 3 years. that's our standard period of abandonment pursuant to 183. i wanted to point out that slight difference. that concludes the modifications and i'm happy to answer any questions. think. >> a couple comments on that colleagues on response to planning. i want t
of the spronl scheduled to receive full fund ing in june and will be completed by the end of the year. we've heard concerns by director ramos about people using the lanes relative to the traffic, until the final improvement we will put post on to delineate the buffer between the bicycles and drivers. i think when we first brought to you late last year we said we were going to do it in phases because we didn't have the fund to go do the full project but we wanted to get the first phase in the ground first. we will add the post and take a look at the signage issue. i can see if someone is not can customed to that can miss the sign. also the improvement on the polk street project. a project that is funding by prop b, the streets bond that was passed in november 2011. recall it was a bond to have a street paving and a lot of work that we previously in the city didn't have a funding source for. one of the main goals of the project is to improve bike and pedestrian safety. collision rates for bike and pedestrians along polk is higher and one of the higher incident cord ridors in the city and
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. this is regard ing >> we reviewed it and recommended it to the board for approval. >> thank you, short and sweet. may we have a reading by the superintendent or designee -- i believe doctor blanco will do the honors if she's here. i do not see doctor blanco. >> president norton, if i could ask deputy superintendent to read. >> thank you. >> happy to. good evening. we do have a superintendent's proposal coming back to the board tonight -- 131-22 regard inging principal -- the majority of students receiving essential education services, there is an effective way to increase their time and success in the general education classroom. therefore be it resolved that the board of education hereby adopt and incorporate the following bedrock practices. it is a basic car rack -- are first and foremost, general education students who need additional services and support in order to succeed in school. their success therefore is the joint responsibility of all sfusd educators. inclusive practices recognize the -- when juan objective service oriented process is used it is apparent that when more stude
are continue inging conversation. are there any other comments on the main motion? no. >> okay. roll call please. before we call -- i'm sorry, i want to acknowledge the members of the cac and actually there's a few of you in the audience and if you could stand please so we can applaud you and thank you for your work. excellent timing. ing, i must say. >> roll call please. miss lee. >> yes. >> miss wong. >> yes. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> miss wynn. >> i. >> miss norton. >> yes. >> seven i's. >> thank you very much. okay. you can see how seriously this board takes every dollar. item i, board members proposal. there's none tonight. item j, request to speak regarding general matters. i have a number of speakers cards. i also have a list of folks that called to sign up. on the dismissal, i'd like to give this group a total of 15 minutes to speak on this item so i'll read off the names of the people who called to -- and the cards that i have. if you can please, as i read your name, line up at the podium and when we're ready we'll begin timing the 15 minutes. so doctor, m
of 350 mission. it's appropriate that we look forward here and we do celebrate this. the ground break ing in one sense represents architecture that is going to be added to san francisco already iconic skyline. it's a celebration of san francisco once again setting the standard for exceptional livable urban environments. i don't know if standing here today is hard to conceive that san francisco is the urban environment here on the west coast. one reason it's hard to conceive how dense it is is because san francisco is ahead of the curve of making it a transit system. we have a simple subway to follow. san francisco is going to continue to lead the way forward both on transportation and on sustainable urban environments. without question we are going to see these forward looking transit projects continue to propel the economics projects of the city and it's live ability and vitality. what we are seeing here at 350 mission, that represents an important milestone in the fulfillment of that transit center vision. as most of you know, kilroy has been the most active investor in san francisco th
and and daughter were eight minutes from the finish line when police crossed their path. we were high 5ing people. and they said no one is finishment i mean hundreds ofedf people are starting to stack up around us. no one is finishing and peopled are flooding out of their of apartments and townhomes sayings there's been an accident, acci there's been an explosion. >> reporter: the mother ande md daughter realized john walsh was at the finish line where the the bombs went off. they ran and walked for 45 moree minutes headed for their hotel. we are borrowing cell phones, w, still don't know if they are th safe. we finally got a call out to myy middle daughter who lives herea in d.c. she was able to tell us they'ree safe. at that point we just lost it. >> reporter: both mother and ad daughter are determined to goin back to boston next year and run the marathon again. >> you can't live your life in n fear, you just can't. >> reporter: i spoke to six si others local runners at national airport, they all said the samea thing. they're all going back to boston next year to run again in the future mara
composition is characterize by pictorial eloquence. throughout his career he refined his brush work lend ing his numerous work. here we see the dynamic and right original approach to the dutch masters and one of the favored personality. a praise from 1631 on the left and susanna from 1636 on the right. here his technique, the emotional power of his compositions, and the dramatic plays of light and shadow takes center stage. these are but a few key elements that describe rembrandt exceptional command of paint and canvas. promise you i will tell you more about troenie. it's from 1635 also by rembrandt, a different category. these were not intended as likeness as people. they are called troenis. they were intended studies of certain facial expressions or figure types. sometimes artist used their own faces as rembrandt was particularly fond of doing. their rich detail develops a character within a single frame and contributing to this popularity of genre. the most famous troenie is the girl with the pearl earring which i will discuss next and now painting you have all been waiting for, please d
usually loathe cheating cheat ing politics ians, held a soft spot for sanford because he talked about it as a tragic love affair. oh, this poor man, he's so head over heels. the fact it was a loveless marriage and he found his soul mate, that's easier for some women so swallow than a david vitter, this sordid, tawdry affair with no emotional consequences at all. >> it isn't without consequences, obviously. that he's in a run off in the state he carried overwhelmingly in the past speaks to the fact there are some residual problems associated with his behavior. it probably helped that his family and children in particular stood behind him. they were visible in support. >> yeah, how important is that? if you're advising a politician, mark sanford comes in and says i want to hire you for your sage advice. >> what are you doing? but once we got past. >> yes, in an alternate universe. >> he tried to hire jenny sanford to run his campaign. >> one thing that i find unbecoming and hard to understand are politicians who ask their spouses to stand with them as they admit to their, to their indes
the baothoruar, easteher rlailr brc, me3 19ing them to form conrail and amtrak. the railroads sued, contending that the law was unconstitutional and should be enjoined. the lead a3 19s the filed by theto snited states, nt vetted carefully because there had not been any in gyou reratet was that conhess and the interstate commerce commission had flailed so o or geeration of r brcitor that y just had no rights at all that thwou were entitled to rely of. the problomm with this argument is that if it were to prevail congreriti would pass a stac-te of jnd claiming a right to do anything it pleases the time it wanted with abob one of thve tor prope. the justices were not about to and wy that. the snd oral argument and scuffled the may position in the bri cr. he withdre iit on his feet and advanced a different position, that the tucker act would pryou ride any compensation dch that the statutes could not be enjoined. the sentynsor of the legislation had been given time to understand. understeer the orito prtucl cha3 19ing --to snderstood the orito prtucl argument that it required in these. all they ca
responsibleefor this te pakisttni pombings at the boston a telephone call today ... ing prom an undisclosed ocation the group has threatened attacks in the u-s and claimed car bbmbing in times ssuare inn 2010. the group is speaking oot againsttthe &ppakistann goverrmeet because the countryy e islamic law in google has a site to help you victims in the bostonnattacc. &ptoo i onnoor wwbsite. justtgo to foo baltimore dootcom slash newslinks. thhre's ee information thhs morning on that fatal car crash that haapened outside f city hall laat week. who allo goes by johnny e haae daason. he's chargee witt mannlaughter aad homiicde by automobile .... along ith otherrchhrges. ooficials believe city workkr matt hersl. "when that car came flying, we heaar the screeching i turned around, that car was airboon. it slammmd ddwn. i said hhly sh" that the process iil take remembering our brrther inna loving way johnson's aarest came just twoohourssafter &po's hhveea tribute planned fo tooayymarks the virginiaatech ssooting as tte nation mouunssthe fresh tragedy of .... the state
were0s id id ked tocb lseave a48 fs3ew0ss cbar ing a cbnusmber o48f s3gu cbil48e s3th it w48ass3 a0s ridun05ning g us idecb isndivid48uas3l 48s30s id back0s 48res3su0smeidd 0s cbinsto the48 ss3uv and d riid5 the cbposlice l48ins3e,0s fidlo5 sb s348dis3ti0sonid t05o an m .i.8 cbwh05o idr 05seriou sly wounded. cbhes's in 48ths3e 0shoidsp05 05escri48bes3d 0sinid s05eriousd s3 don, cbi sknow y48 idha05ve you had acb cshance s 050sid 48 reporcbtesr: i have.s ssi'idve05 talke d tsstud48ensb cb48cks3 t ide 48pos348s3th0seyid f05orceds in f act, icbf sany of48 ts3hes s5carrying cbbasckpack48s,s3 t0b 4848cks3pa0sckids 05were s ear cb48has3nk0s yidou05 very much48 for0s gidet05ting05 48w cbleob ocbrr ssinid w05ashing ton.cb bo48b,s3 wio n? s>> i t hink d on wracbppsed he deal. he was caught and confessed. similar to that case, these gentlemen could have gotten away. they had a chance to flee, but evidently it was their own bloodlust that has led to their eventual end, assuming this man is not going to escape this particular dragnet. charlie, gayle? >> thank you. with us la
bleeping fairy. you [ bleep ]ing [ bleep ]. >> mike rice kicking players, throwing balls at their heads. >> i am shocked. >> plus -- >> that is oil. >> spillproof. arkansas launching an investigation into the terrible oil spill that has flooded a neighborhood. also conrad murray. the prison interview. >> you believe in your innocence? >> absolutely. no doubt. because i did nothing wrong. >> michael jackson's fallen doctor. the denials, and the strange singing on cnn last night. ♪ he's a little boy that santa claus forgot the little boy that santa claus forgot ♪ >> and controversy in the classroom. should teacher raises be tied to student test scores. >>> late-night deal. >> here he is, jimmy fallon! >> new reports from hollywood, jimmy fallon will indeed replace jay leno on "the tonight show." live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin with a story sure to rattle anyone who whose kids play sports. grabbing, shoving, throwing basketballs at players, hurling ugly slurs. >> you [ bleep ]ing fairy. >> that's mike rice, head
department to stop a wave of where phony 911 calls cause raids on celebrities' homes. ryan seacrest the latest victim. police are trying out a new strategy and abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: so frustrated with fake 911 calls and elaborate hoaxes like these, the los angeles police department says it's no longer releasing details of celebrity s.w.a.t.'ing incidents hoping to prevent copycats. >> we only have so many cars at one given time and if some of those cars are diverted for nonsense like s.w.a.t.'ing then it impacts all of you. >> reporter: this may have been the final straw. a s.w.a.t.'ing prank wednesday targeting the home of "american idol" host ryan seacrest called to his beverly hills mansion after a 911 call alleging armed men were trying to force their way into his house. last week it was the homes of selena gomez and justin timberlake all pranks. >> there was a call, four men had entered the home and there was a call of someone being shot inside the home. >> wow. >> reporter: the fbi reporting 400 incidents nationwide annually. experts say che
. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. >> franklin roosevelt once describe the dedication of a library as an act of faith. i dedicate with library with unshakeable faith in the future of our country. it's the honor of a lifetime to lead a country as brave and noble as the united states, whatever challenges come before us, i will always believe our nation's best days lie ahead. god bless. [applause] >> michael: an emotional former president george w. bushed a the dedication of his presidential library in southern methodist univ
have a great time of celebrate. ing. with that, supervisor lee, you should know, it's always been under dispute as to who is supposed to be responsible for this piece of land. was it the highway folks, the residents who built their homes here, was it dpw, we are trying to gift it to rec's and park for nothing because it's an incredible responsibility. look at how beautiful this place it. we do keep it up. it does barrier the intense traffic that we deal with here. i travel quite a bit and everyone i know always glances here and takes a breath of fresh air a midst all of this traffic. this adds beauty and value to this area. i would like to give this proclamation to maryann and have her treasure this and the permanent memory of her sister and how we celebrate people who are part of our culture as the brown sisters have been and also have been on literally every page of our wonderful visitors galleries, they have been in movies, commercials, they have become a part of what we see in san francisco and how we advertise ourselves around the world as a great place to live and work in. with t
seeing higher ring collar. -ing-- >> i am appalled because it should not be going up anymore. >> as long as they're spending money on the improvements i really don't have a problem with it. >> albany went up to half a percent. that difference is worth 2 or 3 tanks of gas. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a federal bankruptcy judge today grant in stock petition for bankruptcy protection. saying that the city has negotiated a good faith, the decision makes stock the most popular city in the nation to enter bankruptcy. stock ton -- >>> another big announcement is expected tomorrow automakers test -- shot more than 20% today after the company surpassed its own sales expectations. ceo e lan told investigators that the company will turn of profit in the next quarter. >>> there are fresh reports tonight about a possible new phone from facebook using the android system. the facebook phone maybe a version of facebook that can operate as your home screen. facebook has invited the media to an invent on thursday where it says it will show off its new home on android. >> reporter: and the
leader pelosi for it. any other she's battle ---ing battles and it's time this country ends discrimination and we are ending it right here as well. everything we do here is also saying, we take away barriers and prevented from quality living for homeless. this is just another great great opportunity to help people here. i know everyone who has touched this from housing advocates, to the developers to the architects, working their magic to the contractors whose jobs were tapped at the beginning, who said we are going to get this project done as an example hoff -- how we use recovery funds to the very people today celebrating their lives who have moved in. i want to thank everybody for their wonderful contribution, for their could -- coordination of this. let's continue to do this work for san francisco. [ applause ] >> we would like to this you for your continued leadership. thanks for celebrating and there is more to come in the great city of san francisco. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> before i introduce the next speaker just for fun. how many people here were memb
for the weather section right there on the top of the home page. >>> we continue to fogop ing developing news out of california today. you can see structures there engulfed in flames, this fire was reported at 4:45 about 1 mile from a gust fire. wind gusts there are up to 50 miles per hour and are not expected to led up tonight. >>> martinez sent run driver to the hospital with one minor injuries. the crash happened at 4:45 p.m., west of interstate 680. you saw there forced off the road or up the em. >>> authorities say 21-year-old -- was discovered missing about 3 this morning in clayton. residents in the area were notified by the telephone. they have been serving a 90 days sentence for burglary, he's now facing an escape charge. >>> i believe i can fly. i believe believe i can touch ty . >> look the elementary has the ceremony, 9-year-old and her father riding a bicycle when they're struck and killed by a speeding teenager driver on the boulevard. more than 100 people turn it had out for the visual last night of the scene of the accident. >>> the governor is being joined by dozens of business l
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 820 (some duplicates have been removed)